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Engaging Design Trumps Heavy Content: How to efficiently and effectively use your tradeshow booth to produce a measurably high ROI.

What grabs people’s interest on the tradeshow floor? Is it the overwhelming amounts of information about each and every aspect of a company’s services, or is it a well thought out and powerful experience? When everything else is stripped away, the choice is incredibly simple.

You have two seconds

One of the easiest ways to grab someone’s attention and to create an emotional response is to greet them with a powerful graphic element. It is surprising to see how many people believe that the only way someone will understand and “get” what they do is to put their entire brochure’s content on their custom exhibit. What is funny about this train of thought is that we really only have a matter of seconds to capture someone’s attention on the tradeshow floor.  Your images are often your first touch point with clients.  A content heavy image is not a functionally efficient tool.  We live in the information age where worlds of data exist at our fingertips we don’t need to go to a tradeshow for pure information anymore.  Likewise, in the age of dot-coms and YouTube our attention spans have been shortened and vast amounts of texts tend to make the majority of people glaze over and walk right past your tradeshow booth. The excellent news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! (check out our gallery)

One picture vs. a thousand words

A good design can tell what you do better than an entire book of your abilities. The purpose of your graphic element is to convey your message and draw a powerful emotional response that moves beyond reason.  You can attract people and draw them in to a face-to-face experience with you. Many companies have accomplished this by having a well composed and relevant image with a logo and a quick phrase, a one-liner, or even just a word. Some people are even drawn into your space to complement you on your designs opening you up to the opportunity to engage with them about your services.

Engage through curiosity

The danger with giving people lots of information they can get on the fly is that they may pass right by assuming that they “get” what you do. If your graphics are well thought out and relevant, however, you open the chance to work off of people’s curiosity to come in and find out.  Art has the unique power to engage an audience.  Once your have engaged a potential client in conversation, then you can establish a dialogue and open communication.  Building relationships with tradeshow attendees results in many valuable, targeted leads.  The best part about your graphics bringing people in and letting you engage with them is that you can record your encounters throughout the length of the show and have a measurable ROI.

Design is key.  Strong imagery can be an incredibly powerful tool in custom exhibit design. You can use these with your knowledge to make your next tradeshow successful!

Great Design:

-Grabs attention quick

-Evokes an emotional connection

-Immediate impact

-Engages audience

-Sparks curiosity and conversation

-Functionally efficient use of space

Content Heavy:

-Inefficient use of medium

-Wordy and confusing

-Lacks grabbing power

-Low impact

-Weak emotional response

Wes Buchanan is an acclaimed graphic designer and the 2007 “Spirit of Advent” award winner.  His accolades include several “Teddy” awards for tradeshow booth design and innovation.  His creative mind and artistic hand have helped rapidly growing companies communicate the essence of their brand and vision through experiential marketing using exhibits, events, and office environments.  Based in Nashville, Advent is an industry leader with Fortune 500 clients like VF Corp and Mars, International.

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