Green Display Booth

What is a “Green” Display Booth?

When thinking “green” as it relates to a trade show booth, it means using materials in your display that are sustainable, reusable, renewable, reduces waste or uses less resources.

Manufacturers are developing new products continuously to support sustainable practices.  The demand for these products has prompted development of products such as substrates for graphics that are high quality and environmentally friendly.  Advent offers graphics that made with the first and only internationally patented biodegradable graphic substrate.  The following is a short list of materials that can be used to create a “green” trade show booth.

Fabric made from recycled coke bottles





Recycled Cardboard

Low VOC Paints


Soy Ink

Doing more with less is another way to support sustainable practice, and having a fabulous, memorable booth design is one of the most important ingredients for a successful trade show experience.

Companies that are the leaders in custom exhibit design have eco friendly material options for your consideration, as well as the creative resources to meet your display objectives using these alternatives.  Advent, an experiential marketing firm in Nashville, TN, is an expert in the field of custom exhibit design.  Their work is known internationally; the company is committed to green practices and offers a large variety of sustainable materials.

The following displays from Advent have aluminum frames and substrates that are eco friendly.  These examples are basic, very portable components, but eco friendly trade show booth displays can be as big as your imagination.

Choosing sustainable materials for your trade show booth may offer benefits to your organization in addition to the positive impact on the environment.  This choice communicates your commitment to sustainable practices to your audience at trade shows.  It also sends this message to your organization’s employees.  Be a green leader and let your display demonstrate that greener choices are better.

Teresa Drozak

Expo Coordinator

2008 Tennessee Green Business Summit and Expo

Authored By rmyers



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