Managing Trade Show Staff

People management is vital to increasing tradeshow ROI

  1. Choose good people. Your image does not stop with an elaborate booth, fancy advertising or impressive literature. These certainly help, but it′s your people who actually sell the company, and its products and/or services. They make up the strength and backbone of your exhibiting presence. The team that you choose to represent you is your ambassador. These people have the awesome responsibility of making or breaking future relationships with attendees, prospects and customers. The attitude, body language, appearance, and knowledge of your people help to create a positive perception of your business in the minds of the customers and prospects that visit your booth.
  2. Make sure they are well-trained. Don′t man your booth with entry-level people with little or no product knowledge just because they′re available. Make sure that everyone at the show knows why you′re exhibiting, what you′re exhibiting and what you expect of them. Going through a “dress rehearsal” in advance of the show is a good way to demonstrate what you expect of them.
  3. Evaluate staff performance at the end of every trade show. Let them know that they will be evaluated and that their ratings will be made public. They need to understand that attending a trade show is not vacation time but rather an opportunity to maintain and grow relationships with their customers and a time to begin creating new relationships with their prospects.

Authored By rmyers

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