Trade Show Studies 101 – Homework 1.1

Here are some questions to help you find the answers.  Print these questions and write down your answers before deciding which shows to attend.

Click here for the Trade Show Studies 101 Download (PDF).

1.  Identifying Shows. Do the trade shows you currently attend maximize your effectiveness?   Are there other trade shows that would serve you better in the future?

2.  Matching objectives. Will the right audience be in attendance in satisfactory numbers?  Can the show adequately demonstrate your product?  Does the nature of the show fit your brand?

3.  Research. What are the demographics of the show?  Who attended the show last year?  What kind of experience have past exhibitors and attendees reported?

4.  Visit. There is no substitute for experience.  Have you considered attending the show prior to exhibiting?

5.  Location, location, location. Research shows that 40-60% of attendees will come from a 200 mile radius.  Where is the show and how does it fit in with your geographic distribution goals?

6.  Timing is everything. Other concurrent events can have a major impact on trade show attendance, public interest, and opportunity.  What events are scheduled in the host city for the same time?  What industry related events are going on elsewhere?  Will the impact on your trade show be positive or negative? How can you use this information to your advantage?

7.  Opportunity knocks. Do other marketing opportunities exist at the show? Would sponsorship be beneficial to your brand? How would a post-show event fit into your marketing strategy?

8.  Choose wisely. Don′t get stuck in a corner.  Have you checked the floor plan to choose a spot on the floor that will optimize traffic through your booth?

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