Cutting Tradeshow Costs: A Case Study

Advent recently had the opportunity to help a publishing company with a 20 x 30 exhibit.

They owned an exhibit and all they knew how to do was take their big, heavy exhibit to the tradeshow. The cost of ownership was weighing them down. Every time they wanted to use the exhibit, they had to pay the cost of pulling it from their exhibit house′s inventory, then prepping it, repacking it, loading it up, and shipping it to the show site where one more cost was incurred called drayage, or material handling.

That whole budget for using the exhibit for one show, complete from their storage at their exhibit house all the way through installation and dismantle, was $60,000.

Advent performed an audit of that strategy and explained to the publishing company that they could save them money and still present the same brand presentation.

Advent was able to cut that budget almost in half and do a similar exhibit using our rental inventory in the same show city where the exhibitor had a show for $32,000. That′s a savings of $28,000. That money went right to the bottom line.

Check out the pictures below. (The brand name on the booth has been blurred out.)



Authored By rmyers



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