John Roberson

CEO/Chief Cheerleader

When John purchased Advent in 1999, he saw a business with enormous potential to serve clients well in a rapidly evolving industry. John serves as CEO and Cheerleader for his business, and his leadership and vision are a testament to the continued successes of Advent.

John holds an MBA from Vanderbilt’s Owen School (concentration of Marketing and Service Quality) and a Political Science with minors in Art & English from Lipscomb University, and has more than twenty years of marketing experience. His entrepreneurial spirit drives innovation for his company and, more importantly, his clients. Whether guiding his team or working with Fortune 500 organizations, John is an engaging and encouraging force.

Above all, John understands the value of Brand. Advent exists to help organizations across the United States and beyond understand and fully utilize their brand. With John’s leadership, Advent engages clients, listens to their story and executes strategic initiatives through visual marketing.

When John is away from work, he loves spending his time with his wife, Kathryn, raising their four sons. That involves being deeply rooted in their church family, attending countless basketball and track events, shutting off his phone during the evening hours and generally being an all-star father. In his spare time he serves on the board of Encouragement Ministries, a local non-profit.