Lainey Stricker

Project Coordinator

Lainey joined the Advent team in the spring of 2011 after graduating in May of this year with a BA in Corporate and Organizational Communications, Lainey was thrilled and excited to join the Advent team and get her feet on the ground. After making her way through school and enjoying a few beneficial internships, Lainey was eager to find a company that exhibited creativity, team-work, and most of all fun. Advent fit the bill, and she’s fit right in.

On a day-to-day basis you will find Lainey supporting the other Project Champions in their daily projects and assisting the Advent team in anything they may need. Away from work, she can be found traveling (as much as her schedule will permit) and dreaming about eventually traveling the globe. As a former Massachusian, Vermonter, Hoosier, Kentuckian, and now Tennesseean, she enjoys adapting to new environments and meeting new people. She also is a proud supporter of our Troops, and a die-hard animal lover.