Rick Myers

Creative Kingpin

Rick joined Advent in 2008. He plans the direction for all design created at Advent, and his background of 15-plus years in graphic design guides our team in such a way that clients are as involved as they want to be. He also serves on our leadership team guiding our business into the future.

Through a very intentional process that begins with learning the story of our clients, Rick guides each element of design from loose sketches all the way through the final design concept approval. With that process in mind, he leads the design team through the proverbial maze of possibilities and rapidly focuses on the appropriate concepts.

When Rick isn’t absolutely knocking the design out of the park, he spends his time with his wife and two children. As a huge supporter of good design and branding, he has a fondness for Disney that he shares with his family. It is not unusual for him to reference obscure and hilarious quotes from Disney movies to make a point.